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Last night, I saw the weekly reports of many of our CEOs. Everyone wrote “Double 11” in their weekly reports. Why, because everyone has a lot to do with “Double 11”. Hu Xiaoming met me yesterday afternoon and said, “Double 11” Alibaba Cloud set a record. Smart products including YunOS, including Tmall Box and Youku, have all found their Ireland Mobile Number place in this battlefield during this “Double 11” and can jointly serve consumers. What we see today is that not only the original e-commerce team is participating in the “Double 11”, but all the juniors in the group are looking for their position in the “Double 11”, and they all hope to contribute to the “Double 11”, and at the same time We can also take advantage of such a rare opportunity to serve users, and gain a new market.

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that in fact, “Double 11” does have everyone’s share. For our group, “Double 11” is actually a rare once-a-year military training, or a large-scale team building once a year. Culturally speaking, it is a big team building once a year. When all the juniors Ireland Mobile Number put on the “Double 11” shirts and danced this year’s Meow Dance, it was a special feeling. In today’s Alibaba, tens of thousands of employees are on different fronts, but there can be one thing, can have a very specific day, can unite all of us, and converge all of our eyes and goals. Together, I think it’s very rare.

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A festival to the whole society. First of all, we have to celebrate a festival ourselves. With our own festival, we will have a relaxed mood to be creative and create a brand new one for all consumers and all businesses every year. “Double 11”. All teams participated in this activity. In fact, it was really a big training and a big team building. Zhenfei told me that day that this was a team building once a year, and we saw that every team had done it for Ireland Mobile Number “Double 11”. With careful preparation, each team has its own war room, each team’s HR, and each team’s logistical support will carefully ensure the success of our “Double 11”. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all our commanders and fighters, all our managers, and all our juniors. You have worked hard, thank you all.

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