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Throwing a coin 10 times can cause. The coin to land 6 times on the head and 4 times on the tail. Does this mean that the coin toss has a 60% chance of turning back? You need to flip the coin over and over again to get a clear idea of ​​the. Potential for raising your head. If you plot some of the coin toss simulations on the chart, you can see that even after 50 toss, it can be far from the true answer with a 50% chance. Crop Resizing Service Head-Probability Notice that Experiment # 2 has some tails in the first 12 tests, distorting the probability statistics downwards. Even after throwing 1,000 coins, the answer is often found between 48% and 52%. This is ± 2% of the actual answer.

If Google Allows You to Crawl These Ur Ls, Crop Resizing Service Multiple Versions

In conclusion, of the page will hinder the performance of the original (unfiltered) category page. However, to solve this problem with Magento, you need to specify the rel. Canonical tag in the header of each page. What is the real = canonical tag? Crop Resizing Service Standard tags are a way to tell google the “priority” version of your content. You need to use the query string example outlined above to notify google that you’re just indexing the URL without adding any parameters. in this way, filtered content will continue to be accessible to users browsing your site, Crop Resizing Service but Google will crawl and index only one version of the page (the unfiltered version). Understand what you are asking your users to do. canonical how to implement real = canonical tag in Magento many e-commerce sites have hundreds or thousands of different products, and adding

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To Activate Canonical in Magento, Crop Resizing Service Go to

Search Engine Optimization. In this menu, make sure that the following options are enabled: yes When you save the configuration file with these options enabled, the filtered category will display a canonical link element that references the original category page, Crop Resizing Service excluding the URL parameter. Regular example Avoiding manual cases of duplicate content in Magento We’ve discussed the most common causes of content duplication based on the default Magento settings, but if your website ranks high in Google results, there are many manual cases of content duplication on your platform. I have. Product variations As with many e-commerce sites, there are products with multiple variations based on color, size, fabric, etc. If your site has this structure, you have two options to avoid duplication of content. Crop Resizing Service Option 1-Create a single page and list all variations of that page this way

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