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You can also study at a university that issues professional licenses. Finally, you can also follow a course within an EPSI to work as a web developer . web developer job Hotliner The hotliner is the e-commerce job you ne if you like customer relations . This is a position that involves responding to customer nds via email, phone, chat, etc. Among the duties of a hotliner are assistance and advice. Since it is necessary to be in contact with customers, it is necessary to have relational qualities. Security manager This position is one of the most important in the world of e-commerce. The role of the security manager is to design and supervise everything relatd to the security system, whether it concerns communication networks or computer networks.

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To exercise this profession of e-commerce, it is generally necessary to have a diploma from an engineering school. To become an engineer, you must complete a 5-year course after your baccalaureate . You can then join a specialize school. Among the qualities require, one must be rigorous, methodical and responsive. Host Regarding the e-commerce hosting business, it consists of ensuring accessibility to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The host manages Malaysia Mobile Number List breakdowns such as connection cuts at the supplier level, for example. It constantly monitors the state of the site. It is therefore an e-commerce business that requires high availability. To exercise it, you will nee a bac+2 in computer science at least. You ne a BTS digital systems or a computer DUT for example. You can practice within a hosting company or even ISP or ISP companies.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Also discover : Howdo dropshipping without a business ? This guide presents all the procdures to follow to start a business in the field of Dropshipping. Integrator If you opt for this e-commerce profession, you nee a bac+2 ( BTS or DUT in computer science ). These diplomas DT Leads will allow you to acquire the basics of development languages ​​and the basics of technologies use for web publishing. You will therefore acquire knowlege of HTML, Java, Flash, JavaScript, XML, PHP, etc. The integrator works with the web developer . Its role will be to group together and put online sounds, videos, pages, images, animations, etc. The integrator can also intervene in the design and ergonomics of the online store . He can work as a freelancer or join a web agency.

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