Your Name is the Core of Your Business

A well-known example of philosopher Yuval Noa Harari is the Peugeot brand. We’re doing a little thought experiment. Suppose today all Peugeot cars would suddenly be gone. Also the factories, offices, employees, advertising… Everything from Peugeot has disappeared and will not return. Then you and I can still talk about Peugeot. All I have to do is say the name and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the beauty of a company name. It only takes one word to open up a whole world. How beautiful is it when you have that word in your hands?

Your name gives you self-worth

Your name is something you show to the outside world every day. The name is reflected in everything you do. If you’re not happy with your name, don’t shout it from the rooftops Canadian CEO Email Lists and miss out on opportunities. This ‘name shame’ in turn leads to cowardly marketing. To dive. You cannot enthusiastically talk about your company name to anyone.Every day I speak to entrepreneurs who find out after a few years that they have made the wrong choice. Missed opportunity! Should have thought about it better at the start.

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Your name is worth so much more

Names determine your search behaviour. Good to experience for yourself. What search results do you come across in your industry? Look at the names. What do they do to you? Which names would you click on and miss out on opportunities. This ‘name shame’ in turn leads to cowardly marketing. To dive. You cannot enthusiastically talk about your company yourself? And which ones not? Being ‘high’ on a search page naturally helps to get clicks. But the name that appears in a search result is also hugely determinative for its success. Say for yourself: would you rather click on plasterer SmeerKees or De Glad Strijker.

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