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Depending on the platform, you earn a commission of 20 to 50% on each photo sold. What sites to sell your photos? To easily find buyers , register on reliable sites such as iStock and Shutterstock. Do not hesitate to consult the catalogs of these image banks to get an idea of ​​the type of photos that sell best. Selling to make money: advertising space on your website This method is intendd for those who have a website that generates traffic . To monetize your blog, consider selling advertising space on it . To do this, two solutions are available to you: Go through an advertising agency This is the easiest way to sell advertising space. All you have to do is register with an advertising network.

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Google Adsense is the best known, but you can also go through Ezoic and Taboola. If you have a mdium traffic site, Mdiavine would be ideal for you. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack In terms of remuneration, the Uganda Phone Number List boards generally offer three formulas: Commission on each sale made CPC ( cost per click  you collect a commission each time a user clicks on the advertising banner CPM ( Cost per thousand the advertiser pays you for each thousand advertising impressions Contact advertisers directly It is also possible for you to propose your advertising offer by contacting the advertisers.

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To find out which company would be interestd in displaying advertising on your site, consult the sites of your competitors. Then simply contact the same advertisers and offer them ad space on your site . Sell ​​your hair to earn easy money Are you lucky enough to have long, beautiful hair? Why not sell them to make money? No, it’s not a joke. It may sound like a silly DT Leads idea, but know that it is absolutely possible to sell your hair . sell your hair to make money Moreover, the law does not prohibit the sale of hair since it is an organ that can be detachd freely from the body. It remains to know where to sell your hair to make the fastest possible and safest money.

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