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Last week the situation in Israel began to derail towards a tragedy foretold. In East Jerusalem (the Arab zone), more precisely. In the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the city’s Palestinian inhabitants found. The perfect excuse to protest against continuous discrimination. They suffer at the hands of the Israeli government. There, hundreds of Palestinians – with the supportive presence of a handful. Israeli activists – raised their voices before the eviction order received by several. Arab families from the Jerusalem Judiciary,

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which argued that Palestinian families were illegally occupying homes. That before the State of Israel was formed in 1948 (and Jerusalem. Was divid between Israeli control to the west and Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Jordanian control to the east). They were Jewish-owned. The Palestinian occupiers explained again and again. That most of them were also refugees who, in turn, had been expell from villages. That had come under Israeli rule after the establishment of the Hebrew state.

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That the Jordanian authorities had resettled them in houses that were previously Jewish. The question that the victims of the judicial decision asked themselves. Was clear and went to the heart of a still Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List unsettled issue. Why Jewish families can present claims for properties that they had to abandon due. The 1948 conflagration, but no Palestinian can do the same. With their old homes today occupied by Israelis after the war, throughout all of Israel




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