You can use feedback from current customers or problems you’ve helped

them solve to shape the topics you cover in your instructional videos. Later, when you’re ready to ask for the bottom-of-funnel sale (see section below), viewers may already feel like they know a lot about your product and relate to your brand at this stage. Big Train uses how-to videos to explain how to use its products and ingredients: Pro tip: No matter what type of video you use, your target audience needs to leave the middle of the funnel to understand the seriousness of the problem and feel excited about the possibility of finding a real solution. Try giving your audience multiple videos in the middle of the sales funnel to solidify the connection and make it harder for them to say no to the next step! Click here to download it for free now!

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buyers at BOFU At the final stage of your sales funnel journey, your large network of potential customers has been reduced to a small number of prospects who now know your name, as well as the value proposition you offer. The hard part is already done; they’re already Norway Phone Number interested, so in BOFU you’re trying to push them where they already want to go – from customer to buyer. Make sure you effectively leverage the hard work you put into the first two video phases by offering the following types of content to get your message home and get the sale. Dive Deeper: * The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing *

How to Boost Your SaaS Trials with a Facebook Ads Funnel *

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The Video Structure Big Agencies Use to Create Successful Videos Online seminar You don’t want to mince words here at the bottom of the funnel, so the webinar video format should be direct and almost entirely product or service focused. With a longer runtime, you can check out all the features and benefits that make this a great decision for your viewers. Teaching your audience to use your software, for example, is an ideal topic for webinars. Answer common doubts here to smooth out the decision-making process going on in their minds right now. Show you care by acknowledging their hesitation, addressing their concerns, and giving them solid information on how buying from your brand can make a difference. uses this long webinar (a recorded video) to teach SaaS sales strategies that help convert leads into customers: Customer testimonial videos What’s more compelling than people like your target audience honestly saying how happy they are to have purchased a certain product or service from your company? Testimonial videos often carry more weight than one-way conversations because we tend to not only trust the positive experiences of others, but also put ourselves in the shoes of the happy customer and imagine ourselves having one too. . Good user reviews also go a long way to conveying the genuine emotions that come from a wise purchase. Omada Health not only shows how much they care, but also how easy it is to implement even in a large company with these real testimonials:

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