Women’s Day in China How to take advantage of this opportunity to attract 

The Chinese consume a lot during festivals and events thanks to the many promotions they benefit from. This is also the case of March 08, during Women’s Day, a global event that puts all women in the spotlight. Chinese merchants have understood the importance of getting into the game by offering discounts and payment facilities. How to adapt this operation to your company to attract Chinese customers. Like a second Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day in China is an opportunity to affirm your affection for the women around you. Chinese consumers will then take advantage of this day to offer gifts to their wives, their mothers and even their daughters. In some companies, women can even benefit from a half-day off in order to take time for themselves. Merchants saw this as an opportunity to increase sales by creating special promotions for this event.

Chinese traders are adapting to the demands

We then find the category (to be Sweden Phone Number List translated as on many e-commerce sites, such as Alibaba, Tmall, VipShop or Jumei. Many products are in direct reduction or benefit from reduction via the coupon system . Girls’ Day: all women honored In China, we usually call “women” those who are married. For the youngest among them, we still speak of “girls”. On Women’s Day, young women feel left out. It is therefore quite natural that on March 7, the eve of Women’s Day, universities organize Girls’ Day On this day, students can write down their wishes and it’s up to their suitor to make them come true! It also gives businesses an extra day to increase sales and diversify promotions even further. Initially, the promotions offered were very gendered: make-up, care products, shoes and even handbags.

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Women’s Day in China a day of caring

This is why the commercial aspect of DT Leads this celebration has been criticized by feminist movements: the cause of this day would be discredited. Especially since Alibaba notes, in a 2018 report, that the number of women who bought boxing gloves increased by 75%. It is clear that the promotions cannot be limited to the categories usually dedicated to women. This is why Chinese merchants must offer promotions in all areas. And European traders in the Chinese market. Today, the contribution of the Chinese market for European traders is far from negligible. In order to settle in this market, it is necessary to adapt to the Chinese sales codes. If we take the example of Women’s Day, we notice that the sales potential is enormous. Moreover, the Chinese market is essentially based on online purchases and payments. But what are these sales codes.

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