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You’re unlikely to find people intereste in your hair on general ad sites. Go instead through platforms ddicatd to the sale of hair or offer an offer to your hairdresser. At a hairdresser or wig maker Wig makers are often looking for natural hair to make wigs from. So remember to contact a professional near you to offer them your hair . In addition, you can also try your luck by going to your hairdresser. The latter often neds it to make extensions. On a platform specializing in the sale of hair To optimize your chances of succeeing in monetizing your hair , post an ad on specialize platforms. The most popular are undoubtdly Jevendsmonhair and BuyandsellHair. On these sites, hair 30 cm long sells for an average of 200 euros .

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Sell ​​your second-hand books and comics to earn money Let’s continue this article “What to sell to make money” by selling books . Do you have novels or comics that you no longer read? Consider reselling them. Of course, this will not allow you to become rich on the internet . It’s just an Turkey Phone Number List easy way to make pocket money on the internet by earning extra income. Your gain will largely depend on the condition of your book and its rarity. You can thus hope to earn more money if your book is autographd by a famous author. If you have no idea of ​​the value of your book, have its price estimate on a specialize site such a.

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Here are the possible methods to sell your books: Sell ​​your books on buy-back sites There are many sites specializing in the resale of second-hand books and comics . Nevertheless, you should favor the most popular platforms to avoid scams. Here are the most reliable on the market: Momox Bookaz Gilbert Kiwibook Bdrefuge for usd comics) sell usd books Other ways to sell your books It is possible for you to organize a garage sale in your home to sell your books . At the same time, also consider selling other items to attract more visitors and earn more. Another DT Leads option for successfully selling your books and making money faster : go to a bookseller near you. Sell ​​empty ink cartridges to earn money You have no idea “what to sell to make money”? Be aware that there are a multitude of sites that buy empty ink cartridges .

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