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Muller I was previously Moz’s Senior SEO Scientist, and now I am freelance consulting and building some data science programs on the side. This is my very special co-host, Pumpkin. You might remember her from the first Python episode. She’s gotten quite a bit bigger. Quarantine was really good to her. She’s very healthy and very sweet. I love her so, so much. This is my best buddy right here. So we have been hard at work preparing Python 2.0 for you all, and we’re so excited to show you what we put together. So let’s just get started.

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Why Python All right. So we kind of Afghanistan Phone Number List went over this in the first Python video, but just to recap. On the first video I got to hold her in one hand. It’s a bit harder now. That’s actually why I’m wearing this. I thought I could maybe BabyBjörn you. Oh, she’s fine. Okay, So just to recap, why Python? It’s talked about so much in the SEO community. Why is this sort of the program that most people prefer? Simple syntax So there’s very simple syntax. It’s sort of more common sense than other programming languages. It also uses a ton of white space.

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So you’re going to see tabs and sort of DT Leads white spaces instead of curly brackets like some other common programming languages. It’s concise Did you have something to say? It’s very concise. Often there are fewer lines of code to do one thing than there might be in another language, which is very, very nice. It’s versatile It’s also very versatile. It works on many different platforms, and it can work in a different variety of ways. As far as procedural, you’ve probably heard of object-oriented and functional programming. It kind of covers the gamut in that way.

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