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Silkpay wants to make life easier for Chinese tourists by allowing them to maintain their overseas payment habits. The start-up that has already won over Alibaba will be present for the first time at CES in Las Vegas, from January 8 to 11, 2019. During a trip to China in 2015, Annie Guo planned to pay cash for a taxi fare. She didn’t know how mobile payment had developed in her home country. ” I was immediately told that it was my only option ,” she recalls. On her return to France, where she settled in 2001 to study at the Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), she realized ” the incredible opportunity to be seized “. This is the beginning of the Silkpay adventure. Encourage Chinese tourists to consume Created in July 2017, this Parisian start-up aims to enable Chinese tourists traveling in Europe to maintain their consumption habits.

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Alipay, used by 550 million Chinese Switzerland Phone Number List consumers, was deployed in the first shops on the famous Boulevard Haussmann in January 2017. WeChat, the application with one billion followers, followed a few months later. The strength displayed by Silkpay: its adaptability to needs and budgets as varied as its customers, who range from large retail groups to neighborhood pharmacies. ” Technically, the solution is not difficult to implement , assures Annie Guo. We assign each merchant a static QR code, which is specific to him. He only has to display it on his counter. It with their phone via Alipay or WeChatpay. ” Thanks to a fundraising of 560,000 announced in January 2018, Silkpay has developed a collection application for its merchant customers.

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It is also a tool for adapting digital DT Leads communication to Chinese customers. 40 million euros in metered transactions Italy, Germany or Spain: the young shoot intends to flourish on other European markets. Ahead of the CES, in which she is participating for the first time, many companies have asked her for an interview during the show. “ Major exporters are showing interest, in the fields of luxury, cosmetics or wine, for example. This is also the case for groups like Casino, with whom we are already collaborating ,” says Annie Guo. Silkpay has something to attest to the effectiveness of its solution: it has processed some 40 million euros in transactions in two years. Flying to Las Vegas not only represents the opportunity to forge new partnerships, but also to gain visibility. Hosted by the Village by CA, the start-up will announce the start of two projects.

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