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Around 2014, Axing paid attention to some public accounts for mothers and babies. At that time, most of the tweets in “rice cake mom” were similar to the Canada Mobile Number mother and baby books promoted by Dangdang.com, but they were more fragmented and more interesting to read. I believe that Teacher Zhang Quanling’s investment is based on women’s own intuition, not technology. The most important thing is that she is sure of the competition in the maternal and child industry. You can’t be wrong! But now many seemingly professional investors don’t pay attention to people’s fundamental demand and format, and pursue some conceptual things.

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There are more “content e-commerce” on the top public accounts, such as Yiyi, Ergeng, etc., but they mainly rely on advertisements to realize their monetization, and their monetization ability is still not as good as that of mothers and babies (it is said that the sales of rice cake mothers on Double 11 in the past two years are nearly 100 million, and there are also It seems to be the rhythm Canada Mobile Number of e-commerce companies) A good paragraph provides information on one single, well-defined aspect of the topic you’re discussing in your article. Consider the two paragraphs under the previous heading in this article, for example. The first addresses why paragraphs make your text more readable; the second discusses why they make your text more scannable.

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The booming of the maternal and infant industry is inseparable from the release of the “second child”. In 2015, Roland Berger issued a research report Canada Mobile Number showing that: “Every town (-1 to 14 years old) spends an average of 11,197 yuan per year on baby products and services, and the market capacity reaches 1,810 billion yuan. The speed of growth will reach 3,579.9 billion yuan in 2020.”

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