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The municipality had a more diverse offer in mind. The range, this was a good time to strengthen the team base on this need. Time to recruit! The vacancy was poste on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter and LinkedIn Namibia Phone Number. Through various campaigns. Wedding officials in gowns share their own enthusiasm for the profession. Namibia Phone Number and for working for the Municipality of Delft in a series of videos. The enthusiasm of the wedding officials and the spontaneous approach of these videos leave a positive impression.

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Clearly shows what you can expect from the municipality as an employer. The fact that they use these informal and enthusiastic videos shows that you can be yourself here and that the municipality of Delft is experience as a Namibia Phone Number pleasant working environment. Also read: Double your application rate: 5 conversion factors & learnings Reach the target audience you want to reach The Municipality of Delft has deliberately chosen to segment the advertisements on social media, which Namibia Phone Number ensures that only the target groups chosen by them will see these advertisements.

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Segmentation allows you to target your ads, making your Namibia Phone Number reach much more valuable and ultimately more effective.  To draw the attention of the right target group: Region (Delft) Age (between 25-45 years) By consciously setting up Namibia Phone Number your campaign in this way, it makes it easier for you to reach and enthuse people who are actively and reactively looking for a job. This is a welcome addition to your recruitment strategy in times of labor shortage. The numbers of the recruitment Namibia Phone Number campaign on Facebook The vacancy for BABS has been open for a month on its own recruitment platform Werken voor Delft .

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