Why 2017 is the year of influencer marketing platforms

It takes weeks to do it right because you have to see their interactions over time. A good way to reduce research time is to use a database of known influencers. Crossing names off a list is always faster than trying to build a list from scratch.However you South Korea Phone Number List grow your list of influencers to further your research. The goal is to gain a solid understanding of their interests and reach.How do they interact with their subscribers? Funny tweets? Stories on Instagram? Posts on LinkedIn? Live video on Facebook? YouTube how-to videos?How does the community interact with them?

Look for People Who Are More Than Authorities

Look for people who are more than authorities on a subject. Valuable influencers also have a positive and ongoing interaction with their community.Get to know the personality of the online influencer. Pay attention to what they are already promoting or influencing.Think about how each influencer might authentically interact with your product or service. Also identify the value you could bring to them.Document everything South Korea Phone Number List you’ve learned about an influencer in one place.4. Get on their radarThere is an art to reaching out to an influencer. Cold calls rarely work. The starting point is to follow them on all their social media platforms.Get acquainted with their content, their pet projects, their pet peeves, their biography and their position on all current events.Engage with them through meaningful replies and comments for several weeks or months, if possible.

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You Want Your Name to Be at Least Visually Familiar

You want your name to be at least visually familiar when contacting directly.Ideally, you will also create a discussion with them or among their followers.It’s a bonus when influencers notice you before you contact them.Keep notes of all your interactions in the repository along with other notes. If there are any interesting trends or outliers, you’ll be able to spot them more easily if everything is in one place.

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