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Which e-commerce training eligible for the CPF should I choose? 4.8 ( 48 ) Updatd July 27, 2022 Which e-commerce training eligible for the CPF should you choose? Do you plan to use your CPF to take e-commerce training? Good choice ! If you want to open your own shop to sell on the internet, do not stay alone behind your screen. Indee, to launch an e-commerce, it is not enough to create a commercial site, to publish its products there and to wait for the orders of the customers. Follow a training to launch your own e-commerce Follow a training to launch your own e-commerce! E-commerce is much more complex than it seems. To succee in making your e-business profitable over the long term, you must master several disciplines. Among other things, you ned to know what strategy to put in place to make your business known on the web and boost your sales.

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It is therefore advisable to choose a good trainer who will be able to teach you online trading from A to Z. Discover in this guide how to choose the best e-commerce training eligible for the CPF. Summary of the article A little reminder on how a CPF works How do I know if an e-commerce course is eligible for the CPF? Why train in e-commerce with your CPF? Follow Argentina Mobile Number List an e-commerce training before selling on the internet: is it essential? How to train in e-commerce? What criteria to choose your e-commerce training? Zoom on E-commerce opportunity: the most complete e-commerce training eligible for the CPF A little reminder on how a CPF works CPF is the abbreviation of Personal Training Account.

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This is a public funding scheme that allows all workers to subscribe to eligible training . This may include the following types of training: Professional certifications liste in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) The actions of VAE (Validation of acquire experience) Training actions providd to business buyers Qualifying training The skills assessment Training for volunteers and firefighters License B and heavy goods vehicles Each employee has a CPF account crditd with 500 euros each year . The ceiling is limite to 5000 euros . You can benefit from it whether you are a full-time, part-time or self-employe employee.

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