What is a community manager in 2023

If the profession of community manager continues to evolve, it is because it is necessary to consider the different nes and expectations of companies, but also and above all the competition which is getting tougher and tougher. There are also many obstacles to deal with as we will see below. Thus the profile of the community manager in 2023 will have to meet certain requirements. The community manager in 2023 You can find all the information on the profile of the community manager here: community manager guide and we will see. What will change by next year, especially in terms of skills sought. Community management becomes. Difficult to exercise, we must not lie and diminish the role of the CM. community manager in the years to come. Community manager training will have to be updat quickly to fill the gaps and meet the expectations of companies in the years to come.

Virtual reality and augmented reality Augmented

This corresponds to the various innovations that are arriving, to new technologies, to emerging social networks. Creativity If creativity in community management has always been a sought-after skill, you should know. That unfortunately it cannot be learn at school. It is the result of a gift and predispositions of the profiles, and it is at this stage difficult to compensate, except with tools. It can also be stimulat by exercises and. Still benefit from it. Creativity will increasingly be a criterion of choice, as companies seek visibility and to emerge in. The midst of a constant stream of content. If it does not do everything, it will still have its effect, and all the more so for large companies that are already known. We can thus raise brands like Netflix. Burger King, and many others who show this creativity. If a small company put this creativity to use. It probably wouldn’t have the same impact as for these companies, hence the fact that creativity is not everything.

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It will offer the possibility of geolocating

The Metaverse The metaverses will undoubtedly be the new shift that will take place in community management, because the DT Leads management and animation of communities will be clearly different from what we know today. It will be about business, moderating behavior (see below), selling virtual products, we will no doubt see an interest in promoting. NFTs and all kinds of totally new services. Community manager and Metaverse changes. The metaverses will be the new social media revolution, and Facebook. Meta has already pav the way by taking the turn, and this, since the takeover of Oculus which foreshadow this change. The community manager will therefore have to be on standby here too, and the training center. Will have to anticipate and introduce the Metaverse into their programs.

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