What is a field community manager

Field community management is a term that I adopt several years ago, because I could not imagine that a community manager could stay behind a screen forever working on social networks. Here is how I would translate. What a field community manager is. Who is the field community manager? The field community manager is a person. Who skillfully combines online and offline work, meaning that he will work on his actions and missions as usual and that he will add a field dimension to his work. One of the goals is largely to meet your. Community and work on different actions that require going out to produce content. For example, and to create links, and therefore commitment. Who is the field community manager. So the field is to get out of your screen. to meet people, to bring projects to life, etc. Which I will describe as human through the meeting.

Meet your community and create links

Therefore, Here are some actions to work on Chile Phone Number List for the field community manager: Meet your community and create links This is undoubtly the first interest in field community management; meet your community and create intra-community links. By allowing its members to know each other, it will result in a stronger commitment. The meeting of his community is generally done under cover of small recurring events, where the goal is to meet a small core of 50 to 80 people or more. The idea is all the same to be able to exchange and thus to make themselves known. The events are meetups where it is a question of involving 1 to 2 experts on a subject relateto your activity and ending with networking. Interventions should be of short duration; 20 to 30 minutes and 1015 minutes of question sanswers. It is necessary to privilege the networking part which will allow the meeting and the exchanges.

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Meet your community and create links

Therefore, The meeting places can be bars for DT Leads example, which will greatly facilitate the drinks for which everyone will participate, or agencies or the workplace if they agree. In this case, it will be possible to generate partnerships with brands, see merchants in order to have something to eat and drink during these vents. It is the recurrence and the format that will ultimately allow these partnerships to be conclud. Initially it may be a question of unlocking a small budget to have at least drinks, hence the interest of targeting bars to limit expenses. Produce content externally The field is undoubtly where the content to be produc will be authentic. Whether it’s mainly photos or a source of inspiration for itorial content during meetings.

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