What Goes Into Building an Employee-centric Business?

When it comes to recruiting good talent, many companies struggle to stand out. Whether you have one of the best job openings with a high salary and flexible working hours, if you don’t have a strong employer brand, you’ll send countless emails to indifferent prospects. Companies these days are not rated on their efficiency and their products. For example, Google is not just a search engine. It’s a company whose employees’ goodwill makes people die to work for them.You need to treat your employees like customers who are the first critics of your brand. The approach includes performing several tasks such as targeting your employee’s personality, creating a strong value proposition, and communicating online.

Always Treat Your Employees Exactly as You Want

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers!Brands like Google, L’Oréal and IKEA have one thing in common. They focus on their employer brand and always think about improving. The well-being and happiness of their employees.Thailand Phone Number List Thrivemap a london-based software company. Surveyed 1,000 full-time  employees and found that 48% of employees quit their job because it didn’t meet their expectations. Among gen z employees (ages 18-24), the percentage jumped to 73%.According to a report by cigna. 61% of american employees report feeling lonely in their workplace. The same report also indicates that, on average. Lone workers are more likely to think about quitting their job than non-lone workers.

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It takes great effort to position your company as a brand that values ​​relationships and employees.Let’s take a look at four actionable ideas to help you create an engaging employer brand that attracts the right talent: 1. Take the digital challengeIn today’s era, the majority of potential recruits are tech savvy. So, they pay attention to your online presentation and the digital employee experience you offer. According to a survey conducted by Spherion Staffing, nearly 47% of millennials agreed that the reputation of a potential employer is as important as the job. Thus, it is imperative to have business apps and websites developed by a professional and ensure that they are responsive and up-to-date.

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