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If this is not the case, then this search term is apparently Greece Phone Number not relevant for my product and I do not want to be shown on it anymore. Of course you can give your own twist to the 10 clicks. You may feel better with 15 clicks. Fine, it’s about Greece Phone Number excluding search terms that cost you money and yield nothing. 2. Keywords that have converted but are not profitable, with a maximum cost per click (CPC). Suppose Greece Phone Number your profit margin on your product is 25% and that a sale through advertising (ACOS) has cost you 40%. This sale was therefore loss-making.

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In this case, it is wise to lower your maximum Greece Phone Number CPC, so that this search term will break even at a minimum. You may now be thinking, “Why breakeven? I want to make a profit.” The great thing about Amazon is that every sale you realize through advertising has a positive effect on your organic position for that search term. Advertising Greece Phone Number sales therefore also lead to more profitable organic sales. 3. Increase the maximum cost per click on keywords that converted profitably. Suppose your profit margin Greece Phone Number on your product is 25% and a sale through advertising on a certain search term is 10%.

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In this case, you can increase the maximum Greece Phone Number CPC to further increase your visibility. Apparently your product is very relevant for this search term. This is where you want to get the most out of it. 6. Be careful with Greece Phone Number the advertising advice Amazon itself gives This may sound very strange, but it is really true. Amazon regularly sends emails with the message to advertise more, for example because the holidays are approaching. The message is often to increase your budget and significantly Greece Phone Number increase your click prices in order to increase your visibility. This ‘strategy’ naturally fills Amazon’s coffers, but often leads to unnecessarily high costs.

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