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Each year Graphic showing 2020’s top female dog names. They’ve updat this content every year for the last few years, meaning that every time they do this. They have another chance to promote it and drive more traffic to the page. This also helps establish them as an authority on the topic, because users will become more and more familiar with them providing this information each year. Also, note the URL that Rover has chosen URL on There’s no date in it, meaning that when the time comes to update the data for 2021. They can simply update the existing page without neing to create a new one.

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This consolidates all of the historical social Tunisia Phone Number List shares, links, and existing organic search rankings into a single page, making it easier for it to build strength over time. Long-form content can contain mini stories and several angles If you’re working at a brand or agency that has an in-house digital PR team, they’ll love you for this one. A long-form piece of content allows you to spin out multiple angles and stories that may be us for promotional purposes. Again, Rover are a great example of this because within this single content piece, there are a range of angles, here is one about video games and their influence on pet names Gaming inspir names for dogs and cats.

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In the same piece is another angle which DT Leads focuses on pet names inspir by celebrities Trends for dog names inspir by celebrities in 2020. From a PR perspective, this layout means you have multiple ways to promote a single piece of content. This not only gives you more websites to target with your outreach, but it de-risks the content, because if one angle fails, you have more to use to try and get links and coverage instead. How to execute long-form content Now that we’ve look at some of the reasons why long-form content can help your brand, let’s look at some of the key points to.

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