WeChat Pay users will now be able to make payments in offline mode

WeChat Pay is the star Chinese application with 1 billion active users (1). It is used to make all payments in China. With WeChat Pay, Chinese people can pay for food in restaurants, for e-commerce purchases, for transport, for daily purchases even at very small merchants. In China, the number of stores accepting WeChat Pay reached 40 million in 2018 (2). “However, until now WeChat Pay did not provide its users with the ability to make offline payments. During a flight, for example, the Chinese could not use mobile payment. It is now done”. Like most mobile payment systems, payment via WeChat Pay is done by scanning a QR code. Two methods are possible, the first option is that the customer scans the merchant’s QR code. The second on the contrary is that the merchant scans the customer’s QR code on his WeChat Pay application.

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In other words, either the Poland Phone Number List merchant or the customer must have an internet connection for the transaction to be validated. The Chinese could therefore not use mobile payment during flights. WeChat Pay, aware of this shortcoming, has continuously developed its services in order to provide the best experience to its users. WeChat Pay therefore tested its new service in July 2019, which allows users to make payments even offline. The mobile payment giant conducted the test in partnership with Spring Airlines during flights between Chengdu and Shanghai. Passengers were invited to register for the trial service before boarding. Thus, during flights, Chinese tourists were able to use their preferred means of payment to make all their purchases of on-board services: souvenirs, drinks, meals, gifts, perfumes, etc.

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By using this offline payment service, the bill is saved on WeChat Pay until landing. Once the user’s smartphone is reconnected to the DT Leads internet, the amount is automatically debited from the user’s account. “For now, this service is limited to one airline, however, WeChat Pay has announced its future plans to expand its new service to other flights and even other airlines.” Soon, other airlines will be able to accept payments in offline mode during flights and increase their turnover from Chinese tourists on board, especially those from purchases of. Duty Free products, the Chinese are the largest buyers of products. of this sign. In 2018, the. Duty Free China market generated revenue of approximately 5.3 billion euros(3), an increase of 27.3% compared to last year. Wealthy Chinese also ensure that all the luxury goods they buy are original, and this impacts their choice of destination.

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