Everyone Is A Winner Because We Still Get

Although you are still losing some PageRank through this nofollow link. That still counts as a link, and so you’re losing some PageRank that would otherwise have been pip into that follow link. Noindex, nofollow Noindex and nofollow, so this is obviously a very common solution for pages like these on ecomm sites. Now, in this case, the page can be crawl. But once Google gets to that page, it will discover it’s noindex, and it will crawl it much less over time because there is sort of less point in crawling a noindex page. So again, we have sort of a halfway house here. Obviously, it can’t be index.

Put A Noindex Follow Tag In The Head

It’s noindex It doesn’t pass PageRank Colombia Phone Number List outwards. PageRank is still pass into this page, but because it’s got a nofollow in the head section, it doesn’t pass PageRank outwards. This isn’t a great solution. We’ve got some compromises that we’ve had to achieve here to economize on crawl budget. Noindex, follow So a lot of people us to think, oh, well, the solution to that would be to use a noindex follow as a sort of best of both. So you put a noindex follow tag in the head section of one of these pages, and oh, yeah, everyone is a winner because we still get the same sort of crawling benefit.

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Section Of One Of These Pages And Oh Yeah

We’re still not indexing this sort of new DT Leads duplicate page, which we don’t want to index, but the PageRank solution is fix. Well, a few years ago, Google came out and said, “Oh, we didn’t realize this ourselves, but actually as we crawl this page less and less over time, we will stop seeing the link and then it kind of won’t count.” So they sort of impli that this no longer work as a way of still passing PageRank, and eventually it would come to be treat as noindex and nofollow. So again, we have a sort of slightly compromis solution there.

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