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Contextualizing details that make it feel a little bit more relevant to you. Then I said, “How does this compare to the average student loan debt for a person?” So just telling a greater financial, like personal finance story. The way the team at Stacker thinks about contextualizing is you’re comparing it to similar things. So things may be historically is the quickest way to do it. Like how has this been in the past? But also different things that are still relevant. That’s where student loans come in. It’s not just in a vacuum. Your financial situation is impacted by multiple elements, and it’s good to get a full picture of that.

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Localized Finally localizing. So how have Macedonia Phone Number List prices changed? So this is the average in general. But have they changed in different states at a different rate? Which states has the price increased more? Which states maybe have stayed the same or maybe have dropped? That’s not being illustrated by a national statistic. What local programs exist for first-time buyers? This is a great combo of serviceable and localized. So if you are a first-time home buyer and you’re thinking, “I have no idea how I’m going to do this now because COVID happened. I don’t know how I’m going to afford a house.

Macedonia Phone Number List

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An article that shows them all of their DT Leads options, tells them what localized programs there are for first-time home buyers is extremely relevant and serviceable and local, and that is where you get the sweet spot of newsworthy content where publishers are really going to want that information. So consider these as potential angles to brainstorm when you’re coming up with content ideas. Final tips Consider the data Also consider what I talked about last time, which is data. We’re all about data. If you can use original data in your story or take existing data.

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