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The role in the user journey. Some pages might not have much SEO value, but they are still very useful to your user journey. So think of like your help pages. They probably won’t rank for a lot of keywords, to be honest. However, if your customer goes to the search engine and searches for a solution to something, you want to direct them to those help pages, and you want to ensure that they are finding those easily. So not a lot of SEO value in the traditional sense, but it’s still very useful towards your user journey. well, so your homepage.

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Most likely every link on your page should Hungary Phone Number List not lead to a dead end. It should lead customers towards the intend target, so no 404 errors on your homepage or other pages that are very important to your user journey. So a way to prevent that is you can set up a Google Analytics custom report so that any time there’s an issue on a page like that, you are alert quickly. So these are the pages that you should be indexing. If there’s something that you think should be here, please let me know. This is not meant to be a perfect list. But this is bas on my experience so far.

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What I’ve found but you might know DT Leads something that I don’t. So please let me know. Prioritizing fixes So for the fixes, in terms of the fixes, this is how you should prioritize what you should fix. Prioritization factors So these are the prioritization factors. So once again Page value pages that are ranking, that are getting links, that are getting clicks, you should prioritize fixing those quicker than other pages. Pages that align with your priority or that would have impacts towards your KPI, you should probably prioritize those pages as.

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