Use these right-click skills to crack the master operation of Meitu Xiuxiu!

Taking a scenic route through life can be great, but if youre looking to get things done quickly and with less effort, were just what you need. Read on to learn all the secrets of rightclicking meitu xiuxiu masters. When you rightclick graphic design elements such as text and graphics in the meitu editor, a menu appears. Here are some cool things you can do with it. The layers palette helps you control where text, graphics, and other image elements appear in your designs. If youre working on multiple design elements on the canvas, you can quickly reorder them without opening the layers palette.

Reorder design elements

Right click a design element and send it to the back by photo background removing clicking send to back, or send it to the front by clicking send to front, or send it to the front by clicking send back or forward send to send it up or down. 2. Adjustment are you enchanted by the dazzling power of the rotating top handle restore graphics and text to where they started by rightclicking and selecting straighten. Mary poppinslevel glamour will be eyecatching. 3. Restore the size who doesnt have a good time if youve tried a different aspect ratio on our text or graphics by holding down the shift key while pulling the corner handle and decided to get it back to the way it was before, just rightclick and choose original aspect ratio.  Copying is a very neat trick for both text and graphics.

photo background removing

  Make perfect replicas

If you make changes to any of them, the copy will DT Leads copy them exactly the way you changed them. Its also a great way to make multiple text boxes without having to go back and resize each text box individually. 5. Erase instantly remove elements from your grand designs by rightclicking and selecting delete. As if it never appeared. This is especially handy if you are editing one of our photo design templates and want to replace one of our photos with yours. You can also do this with any of your own graphics just rightclick on the image and select the replace from… Option. You can replace it with an image from your computer or any other account you have connected to meitu.


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