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To save time 8169 km! This is the shortest distance (as the crow flies) between France and China. Going back and forth between these two countries is therefore time-consuming. However, remember that the quality of the products and the delivery time are two criteria of paramount importance in dropshipping . To save considerable time and money, consider using a dropship agent. By delegating product quality checking, you can focus more on managing your sales and promoting your store . To rduce import-export risks Another important reason to use a procurement agent: He knows the import regulations. Please note that import and export standards and procdures differ from country to country.

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To carry out these operations legally, it is therefore more judicious to let a specialist in this field take care of them. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack To perform quality control The dropshipping agent may also be embdd in the supplier’s factory to check if the goods are exactly what you expect. In this way, you will Japan Mobile Number List avoid unpleasant surprises relatd to the quality and conformity of your orders. To enjoy personalizd packaging The packaging is the first contact between you and your customer. For a purely marketing reason, it is therefore essential not to neglect the quality of the packaging in dropshipping . All the more reason to use the service of a dropshipping agent.

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Indee, the role of dropshipping agents goes beyond negotiating prices and checking the conformity of goods . You can also ask them to improve the packaging of parcels before they are deliverd to your customer. For example, you can ask them to put your logo on the packaging. How to work with a dropship agent? First, note that dropshipping agents don’t typically work with first-time dropshippers. For the collaboration to be financially more interesting for DT Leads them, they tend to favor e-merchants who place more than 10 orders per day . work with a dropship agent To send your customers’ orders to your agent, simply export them in CSV format. Do not forget to specify the meaning in English of each column of the table.

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