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According to the site, this famous youtubeur would earn around 1.08 euros for 1000 views on YouTube . MrBeast MrBeast’s channel, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has 102 million subscribers on YouTube. This places it in fifth place in our ranking. This young American videographer is one of the highest paid youtubers in the world. In particular, it generate $57.5 million in 2021 (Source: Radiofrance. MrBeast is known for his videos showing extraordinary challenges. These include “Squid Game in real life for $456,000Go to the same drive 1000 times or Last to leave the circle wins $500,000 MrBeast-03’s youtube channel Note that this creator offers his French-speaking fans his other channel MrBeast in French” which already has 1.34 million subscribers . Kids Diana Show Kids Diana Show is a channel of the young Ukrainian Diana.

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Existing since 2015, this children’s channel now has 99.7 million subscribers . This YouTuber is now one of the richest children in the world (Source: Business Insider In terms of content, Kids Diana Show offers unboxing of toys, nursery rhymes and sketches playd by Diana and her friends. Like Nastya Just like Kids Diana Show, Like Nastya is a kids video channel. The young Russian Nastya took advantage of the confinement period to increase the number of subscribers to her channel. The latter is now followd by 99.2 million people. On the program of videos on Like Nastya Armenia Mobile Number List unboxing toys, nursery rhymes and sketches. In addition to her advertising revenue, this young youtuber earns money online thanks to her collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack WWE This wrestling channel takes the eighth place among the channels with the most subscribers on YouTube. It is followean 70.57 billion views on the YouTube platform.

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Zee Music Company With its 86.7 million subscribers on YouTube, the Zee Music Company channel ranks ninth in our ranking. This is an Indian channel that mainly broadcasts Bollywood music and films. It has already releasd more than 6,600 videos on YouTube and has accumulatd more than 49 billion views since its creation in 2014. Vlad and Niki With 85.1 million subscribers, Vlad and Niki is the fourth largest children’s YouTube channel. Create in 2018, this channel now has more than 66.5 billion views . Vlad and Niki’s youtube channel By the way, you can also consult our guide concerning the YouTube channel subscription link .

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