Tutorial Transfer Android Data to iPhone

Tutorial Transfer Android Data to iPhone

Android phones and iPhones work with two different operating systems, so it’s not always easy to transfer data from Android to iPhone or iPad. However, there are solutions that we will offer you below. These are some easy-to-use methods to help you perform Android to iPhone transfer. You can transfer your contacts, music, photos and videos in just a few clicks. Feel free to choose the one that suits you best. Just like Smart Switch that Samsung developed for people to switch to Galaxy, ” Move to iOS ” is Apple’s app to help users who have migrated from Android device to iPhone. However, many people have reported that it takes a long time and doesn’t always work. Just see the comments on the Play Store and the many negative reviews left (user rating: 3/5). If you are facing such kind of problem, just go for one of the other methods given below.

Android to iPhone Transfer with Migrate to

Here’s how to transfer from Austria Phone Number List Android to iPhone with ” Move to iOS “: To get started, set your iPhone up to the “Apps & Data” screen and choose the “Move Data from Android” option. On your Android phone, go to Play Store and download the “ Move to iOS ” app, then launch it. Then click “Continue” on your Android device and iPhone. Click “Accept” and then “Next” on your Android phone. Enter the code displayed on the iPhone on your Android phone. After that, your Android device will connect your iPhone via a private Wi-Fi network. Also, tick the data you want to transfer to Android. Click ” Next ” button to start transferring Android to iPhone. Then click “Done” on your Android device. Alternatively, tap “Continue” on your iOS device. Finally, please follow the on-screen steps to set up and activate your iOS device.

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Other data types are not supported

Migrate from Android to iOS DT Leads Migrate from Android to iOS Users have reported several disadvantages regarding Migrate to iOS: The transfer is very slow. Sometimes you cannot get the code in order to complete the transfer. Android and iOS devices do not connect. The transfer stops on its own. App crashes while transferring data from Android to iPhone. Transfer your data from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans “Move to iOS” only supports transferring a few file types. Most people complain that Migrate to iOS doesn’t work and they failed to transfer the photos and other files. So many users are looking for other ways to transfer all files from Android to iPhone. A professional data transfer tool, AnyTrans, can meet the needs of transferring all files from Android device to iPhone or iPad.

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