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Statement of Land Acknowlgement? We’d like to take this opportunity to invite all of our good peers and colleagues in the. SEO and SaaS spaces to start team discussions about the importance of acknowlging and honoring the local Tribes, Nations. And Bands whose members are includ on your staff or who are your nearest neighbors. These were the main steps in our own journey We consult the map at to form a first idea of. The traditional homelands in which our offices are locat. This map is a work in progress and is not a substitute for direct dialogue with Indigenous Peoples.

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We visit the websites of each of the Tribes, Nations, and Czech Republic Phone Number List Bands we had seen on the maps, and read any statements they had publish regarding Land Acknowlgement protocols. For example, this guide from the Duwamish Tribe was extremely helpful. We search for Indigenous-author commentary on the process of Land Acknowlgement to help us become better-inform. Articles like this one taught us a great deal. We look at statements that had been publish by other local businesses, organizations, and ucational institutions. For example, the City of Vancouver made this motion, and a nearby YWCA had post this page.

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We spent some time learning the decoloniz DT Leads spellings of. The names of each of the Tribes, Nations and Bands, where available, and watch their videos on YouTube to hear these names pronounc in hopes of making our address respectful. We phon or email the offices of each Tribe, Nation, or Band to inquire if, given our office locations, it would be appropriate to include them in an acknowlgement and if they had any specific requests as to how they would prefer inclusion. We were so appreciative of the kind responses we receiv, particularly given how difficult things have been during the pandemic. It has been such an honor to spend time.

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