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All you have to do is take a picture of your items and describe them before publishing your ad. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Besides Vinte, be aware that there are also other mobile applications for reselling clothes . Among these, the most reliable are Vestiaire Collective, Depop, Unitd Wardrobe and Viddressing. On personal classifies sites It is also possible for you to sell your clothes or those of your spouse or your children via generalist ad sites . Same principle as mobile apps: you create your ad, make your description, set your price and wait for interestd buyers. If this solution suits you, choose the most popular sites. We can cite in particular Leboncoin, Topannonces or even Paruvendu .

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To optimize your chances of finding takers on this kind of platform, here are some tips: Provide specific details in your description (price, condition, size, color, brand, etc. Integrate several quality photos to attract the attention. Of potential buyers Be honest in your description. Be responsive and provide clear answers to individuals interestd in your article Sell ​​your Sweden Phone Number List furniture to earn extra money Do you want to renew your furniture? Do you have a table, bd or couch gathering dust in your garage? Why not sell them to make money? It could earn you a few dollars to supplement your income. Sell ​​your furniture Again, you have several options for selling your old furniture : Rent a garage sale site If you have ral estate that you no longer use, do not hesitate to sell it to earn money.

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To do this, you can participate in a garage sale organizd near your home. The price of the space or the linear meter varies on average between 3 and 20 euros . To find available garage sale dates, go to specializd sites such as, info-broc DT Leads or even Publish an ad on Izidore Izidore is a free -house site that allows you to create and publish an online ad for free .

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