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This can automatically identify rdundant ideas and classify them in a category that you can define yourself. The other advantage is that the ideas emanating from your collaborators can arrive at any time. You can process them almost instantly as soon as you receive them, which is not the case with the physical suggestion box. By the way. You can also consult our guide on digital communication . Discover in this guide. What digital communication is. The online suggestion box is collaborative Some of your employees will never expose their ideas to you.

Actions To Promote The Collaborators

In question, they are shy or it is probably difficult for them to engage in conversations with you, or they fear not to be taken into account. This is why the online suggestion box is an excellent working tool for encouraging collaboration . By integrating it into Costa Rica Mobile Number List your company, it will be easier for you to communicate with the teams within the work environment. Collaborative idea box Employees feel valud and act as true collaborators The concept of the online suggestion box makes it possible to better promote the employees of your company. Being taken into account reinforces their belonging to society. With this tool, employees with a great lack of self-confidence can express themselves anonymously.

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The More They Feel That We Listen To Them

The more they gain in confidence, and will be able to act as a true collaborator. The person who came up with a winning idea will feel more involve. She will be more enthusiastic at work and work harder to protect her idea. Online suggestion box: do you ned it in your business? To find out if your company really neds to use an online suggestion box, take a good look at what’s going on there. Refer to your corporate culture.

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