Top 10 Chinese women’s favorite cosmetics

More than 2 million Chinese tourists visit France each year and this figure is only increasing. With an average basket that exceeds 1600 € per person, Chinese tourists are not there to be unemploy. France, which enjoys prestige in many areas, is particularly famous for its cosmetic products. Made In France is highly appreciat and often consider a guarantee of quality and trust. So much so that the major Parisian pharmacies such as the Monge pharmacies or those of the France Para group have become an obligatory point of passage for Chinese tourist customers. But what are these products so coveted by Chinese tourists? There is something for all skin types. From the driest to problem skin, through the prevention of the effects of aging, here are the top 10 of the most popular parapharmacy cosmetic products among the Chinese.

This care product also prevents wrinkles

Us both to erase eye make-up Afghanistan Phone Number List and make-up all over the face, this product is suitable for sensitive skin (Crealine range), and also exists for combination to oily skin (Sebium range). Filaderme Emulsion Nutritive Repairing Care , Embryolisse Top-10-favorite-cosmetic-products-of-Chinese-women-2.png. This brand, which is a little less well known than its counterparts, has however benefit from a not far prestigious promotion: the famous Chinese actress Fan bing bing post a publication about this cream on (Xiao Hong Shu) , the Chinese social network of reference for beauty products on which she is one of the most follow personalities on the network (6.77 million followers). After 75,120 likes, 11,400 comments and just under 80,000 post registrations, this cream has since made the rounds of conversations and is now present in the cosmetic bags of all Chinese women connect and on the lookout for the latest trends.

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This prodigious oil with a soft and pleasant

For flawless skin Fair skin being a DT Leads standard of beauty particularly widespread in the Middle Empire, its inhabitants are eager for anti-dark spot or whitening effect products that allow them to have porcelain skin by hiding their imperfections and freckles. He Meso-mask , Filorga Top-10-favorite-cosmetic-products-of-Chinese-women-3. Perfect for preventing wrinkles while lightening the skin, this product greatly appreciat by the Chinese is also for its texture and its whitening action. Vinoperfect anti-dark spot radiance serum , Caudalie Top-10-favorite-cosmetic-products-of-Chinese-women-4. This serum, suitable for all skin types, ruces spots and imperfections, perfect for ensuring skin as smooth as a doll’s. Water, a natural element To perfect the skin, the Chinese have the habit of using water.

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