Google May Not Be Able To Fully Understand

The article Screenshot of an article about chillies. Long-form content is great for doing this kind of deep dive into a topic and, fortunately. The chances of small details like this being surfac by Google are increasing, meaning that the potential for organic traffic is increasing. Long-form content can attract links and become reference material. The other, often overlook, advantage of long-form content ranking well is that it can attract more links from third-party websites. This is because writers, bloggers, and journalists. Will often go searching for sources to reference in the content they’re writing and. If your content ranks well — it may be the one they choose.

Value To Your Website As A Whole Is Reduced

This is particularly true if your content includes Thailand Phone Number List data points or statistics that can then be referenc by other writers. For example, this huge piece of content from HubSpot on marketing statistics has attract over 10,000 links to the page. It ranks extremely well for a bunch of keywords that someone may use when looking to reference data or statistics, which will have play a huge part in the growth of links. Not only does this mean that your brand gets more exposure to a wider audience, but the links generat can also help your organic rankings — because links are still an important part of SEO. Long-form content can be evergreen and regularly updat.

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Because You’re Adding Pages That

If you plan it effectively and the topic is DT Leads evergreen, long-form content is often very easy to update and release over and over again. For example, if you run a study on a key topic in your industry in 2021, it’s often perfectly relevant to update that content again in 2022 with new study information or data. This isn’t always as easy when it comes to production of visual content or video content, where the production resources can be more intensive and expensive to change. A great example of this is Rover, who will update this list of the top 100 dog names.

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