8 tips on what not to do in your sales pipeline

The sales pipeline. also known as a sales funnel . is one of the most suitable tools for understanding a customer’s purchase journey.


It is a process facilitator. provides guidance and a step-by-step guide on how to relate to its users in an assertive way. not only focused on sales. even though at the end of the process there is a direction for purchase.


An indispensable tool for anyone who wants to create an online business or needs to make sales from this environment. And just like any technique within digital marketing. there are contraindicated factors in this process.


If you already understand how a sales funnel works but still don’t understand which techniques are prohibited when setting up yours. depending on which stage the lead is in. come with us in this post and find out now what not to do!


  1. Not defining a persona

This is definitely one of the worst mistakes

We put it first. Who your persona is is the first thing that has to be defined before structuring a digital marketing and sales funnel strategy.


The persona is responsible for defining the language Estonia Phone Numbers and approach you will have with your users. Not defining it to support your strategy is like shooting blindfolded. shooting in the dark.


To prevent this from happening. do research and analyze the behavior of your customers or desired users. Try to get as close to what the ideal persona would be and so your communication will be assertive for them.

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  1. Assume that everyone wants and needs your product

Knowing the audience you talk to. what their desires and needs are is essential. When they are already in your sales pipeline. it means that a prior interest in your content or service has already existed. but it doesn’t necessarily remain.


That is. don’t try to sell every half word you speak. especially at the top of the funnel. when the person is starting to relate to you. The user has already shown a certain kind of interest. but expectations have to be aligned.


Understand if he needs more information

Better clarity about your service. deliver the most informative content possible and give that lead reason to admire what you deliver. So. Yes. try to sell again in a natural way. at the end of the sales pipeline.


  1. Mention your product or sales triggers

Yes. you will still be able to sell your services/products. The important thing is to analyze which stage of the funnel your user is in! How will you approach him and what types of offers he is interested in. And if he is interested in offers.


The role of a sales pipeline is to direct the approach and language as the understanding of your brand changes. How much does this lead understand what you do? How will your product help him achieve his goals? Upon obtaining this information. the communication .


Therefore. putting someone inside a funnel just to bombard and offers may even work for a while. But it is very risky for you to burn that lead. Make them angry at your brand for the excess of information and sales attempts.

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