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This guide shows you what a subscription link is, why create it, the method to adopt to create a subscription link on your YouTube channel, as well as the location of the link to boost the click-through rate. Who has the most subscribers on YouTube in France Here is the ranking of the 10 YouTube channels in France with the largest number of subscribers squeeze With 17.2 million subscribers , Squeezie is the biggest French YouTuber. He has also been at the head of this ranking since 2020. This gaming channel was creatd in 2011 and has already accumulatd a total of more than 9 billion views . This French videographer monetizes his channel through the distribution of advertisements, product placements and his partnership with Twitch.

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Social Blade estimates that his monthly earnings range between 17,000 and 272,000 euros . Cyprien Cyprien has long been the number 1 youtuber in France, especially between 2013 and 2020. The native of Nice has 14.4 million subscribers on his channel Argentina Mobile Number List where he offers humorous videos. Active since 2007, this comeian has more than 3 billion views on YouTube.The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack Norman makes videos Like Cyprien, Norman offers humorous videos on his channel “Norman makes videos” which now has 12 million subscribers.

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Since the launch of his channel in 2011, this videographer has already recordd more than 2.6 billion views Angry Llama With its unusual content, the Lama Faché channel has 9.09 million subscribers . This channel has already generate more than 2.2 billion views since its creation in 2016. It must be said that Lama Faché offers thumbnails and catchy titles that make you want to discover the content of its videos. These include “Rare twins that you will never see again Secret messages in cartoons that children will not understand or 99 things that only happen in Switzerland.

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