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You can do it through any marketing traffic channel. That’s direct traffic, social mia traffic, and referral traffic. Any way that people are visiting your content, you want to target those to incentivize for sign-ups to your email marketing list. So one of the ways I like to do this through SEO is through what a lot of people call content power-ups. That’s where you’re incentivizing sign-ups by offering bonus or exclusive content in exchange for people to sign up for your list. For example, this is “5 Simple Tips for SEO and Email Marketing. What if at the end of this post.

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I would offer five additional bonus tips Philippines Phone Number List in exchange for signing up for exclusive content? The idea is that you want to offer something that they can’t find on the website. That could be a tool, some additional content, downloads, any sort of free bonus, a coupon, whatever you can think of, something exclusive to incentivize those sign-ups from your content. 2. Segmentation Second tip, we don’t want to dump everything onto the same large email list. We want to make sure that we’re segmenting those sign-ups by topic and interest. Unless your site is very narrowly focus, you generally want to segment your list among different topics.

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For example here at Moz, we cover SEO, but DT Leads we cover many, many different types of SEO bas on user interest. So there’s local SEO, there’s technical SEO, there’s copywriting, there’s link building, all these niche interests that we want to segment users by. So there’s a couple different ways to segment. One is self-segmentation, where people can check a box and say I’m interest in this and this and this. But a little bit easier is automatic segmentation bas on the type of content that people are visiting. So on your technical SEO pages, if that’s what you were doing, you would put people onto a technical.

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