This Community Works Like a Charm for the Brand

Followers and participants share and tag content to inspire each other and to show that they find personal development important (they profile themselves). In this way they not only contribute to brand awareness and product awareness; they also consistently reaffirm the company’s positioning as the market leader when it comes to online offerings in the personal development market. This word-of-mouth marketing clearly works very well for this brand.

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Insights into the online marketing behavior of the target groups can help to deploy targeted online marketing campaigns. In this way people are reached who are engaged in or open to personal development. It is precisely those people who get to see the sponsored and appealing content of 365 Days Successful on the well-known social media channels, so that they may grow towards becoming a member of the community.

The what: addressing the person in you, becoming happier is accessible to everyone

The great strength of the method is that the offer meets all the conditions for both demand-oriented and people-oriented marketing. And the offering is perfectly consistent and aligned with the brand promise and brand personality. As a result, the brand is experienced as reliable. This contributes to a positive expectation of people. They can experience this as a form of quality guarantee. These points in particular stand out:

  • The offer is accessible, available and understandable. For everyone. How? You can meet for free and read inspiration on their channels. Would you like to receive more inspiration? Then you can join the community for free. Do you want to go one step further and also receive extras? Then you can become a Premium member for a small fee. Do you want to go even further and actively work on yourself with a specific offer? Then there are annual programs and events that require a somewhat larger investment. In addition, there are books available with knowledge and insights + tips about working on more happiness in the field of the four pillars of the method.
  • The offer is segmented. Even though everyone can Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists participate, the offer is clearly categorized for various target groups when it comes to specific interests, financial resources and available time. As a result, there is always something that is suitable for you and within your reach.

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  • The offering is consistent with the brand personality and brand promise. Everything that is offered is a direct translation from the mission and the four pillars that Arjan and David have established. This means that you are actively working on your happiness in any case, but based on clear goals. The promise (guarantee) of the products or services that you buy or use is also clear. There is no noise.

The target group

A striking part of this demand-oriented and people-oriented marketing is the target group. The clear target group is Dutch people, but this is not enough. With their approach, Arjan and David know how to address the essence of large groups of people who are specifically looking for keys to experience more happiness in their lives. These people are often already working on issues related to meaning, happiness and personal development. The target group is very large, but very segmented: it is by no means just highly educated people in their twenties and thirties.

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