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You can do a variety of calculations. So that’s a super powerful thing within Python and really fun to play around with. Comments Second big, big important syntax is comments. So if you have something to say. Like Pumpkin here, you have to put kind of a hash and then write your comment after that. Commonly people will use these to explain the code that’s after the the more common is if else. So just a really silly example, let’s say you have Website. A ranking 13 for a keyword and Website B ranking 28. You can say print So this is just a really silly, quick example to kind of show you how you can use this.

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But once you get into that, you get into elif Armenia Phone Number List and loops, and it gets really, really fun and exciting. Conclusion So hopefully, you start to play around with some of these and stay tuned for when we apply this to Google Search Console data. So thank you so much for kind of checking out this Python 2.0 basics. My co-host is hiding behind my back right now, but she is really grateful that you all came to check out the second video of Python. So thank you, guys, so much and Pump and I will see you guys soon. Bye. One of the biggest challenges in SEO is trying to convince your client or boss that the competition they face.

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Online may not match their legacy competitors DT Leads and personal grudges. Big Earl across the street at Big Earl’s Widgets may be irritating and, sure, maybe he does have a “stupid, smug face,” but that doesn’t change the fact that is eating your lunch (and let’s not even talk about Amazon). To make matters worse, competitive analysis is time-consuming and tedious work, even if you do have access to the data. Today, after years of rethinking how competitive analysis should work an.

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