The United States and China are engaged in a wrestling in Africa

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal from November 15 to 20 in three African countries. During his visit, he discussed trade, Covid-19, climate change, security and peace with these countries. However, the report also mentioned that Blinken’s visit was more or less overshadowed by the turmoil in neighboring countries. Including the “now-on-going” Ethiopian civil war and the recent repression of democrats in Sudan.


Buching’s visit is the first to Africa since Joe Biden took office in January,

and he is also the highest-level Qatar Phone Number official of Biden’s cabinet to visit Africa. Blinken’s visit this time is to convey to African countries the differences between the Biden administration and the Trump administration’s policies towards Africa, and to repair the bilateral relations between the United States and Africa that have been damaged during the Trump era in the past four years. During his four years in office, former President Trump visited many countries and continents, but never visited Africa. It also makes him the first American leader in nearly a decade not to visit Africa in person. In addition, trump has repeatedly stated that he has no interest in africa. And has criticized the influence of african immigrants. On the united states. Compared with china’s .Increasing emphasis on africa in the past four years. Hard in the countries of the african continent for a long time. In the face of global competition between the united states and china. Many people questioned that blinken’s “Africa trip” meant a sword against china.

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However, reported on November 22 that Blinken denied such a claim.

“Our engagement in africa, with africa. Is not about china or any other third party. He pointed out in an interview in nigeria: “Our engagement in africa, with africa. Is not about china or any other third party. Blinken said in nigeria. “It’s about africa.”) although blinken said that this trip has nothing to do with chin.  By china’s long-term efforts in africa during this trip to africa. The above-mentioned report. Pointed out that when the delegation led by blinken. Shuttled through the kenyan capital nairobi, the shadow of china.  “BBC” senior African correspondent Anne Soy wrote an article on November 19 analyzing the Biden administration’s African policy. The article pointed out that the Biden administration’s new Africa policy will focus on five areas: strengthening trade, responding to the new crown epidemic, climate change, promoting democracy, and peace and security. However, the African policy of the Biden administration is still incomplete and not detailed enough, and only has a general direction.

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