The Rise of Esports Influencers and Their Impact on Brands

The esports industry is not one to be. It is an industry whose revenues have grown from $130 million in 2012 to $465 million in 2017.To say that esports is simply a booming industry is an understatement. It is a cultural phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. If the numbers are to be believed, this industry is expected to be worth nearly $1.5 billion by 2020.eSportsBut what exactly is eSports?Simply put, it’s about competitive video games. For instance, you need more than just fast fingers to win. You need to think hard and strategize. Most of these games are played in teams.

Leagues or Tournaments, Usually Specific to a Region

In other words, leagues or tournaments, usually specific to a region, take place throughout the year and culminate in a final event. The world of eSports tournaments has exploded over the past 14 years. According to, what started between amateur players has grown to nearly 2,000 well-planned competitive India Phone Number List tournaments featuring world-class professional players. Not just the number of tournaments, even the prize money has seen a huge increase over the years. In Dota2 International 2016 with 16 teams and around 80 players, the prize was $20 million.Dota2 InternationalMost of the best eSports players in the world earns seven-figure salaries. This clearly explains why it has become a lucrative career option and not just a passion.

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There Are 148 Million Esports Fans Worldwide

There are 148 million esports fans worldwide according to a report by Newzoo.ESports fans usually belong to the 21-35 age bracket. The stereotype of school kids or college kids with no social life playing video games in their basements is no longer true. The Newzoo study revealed that half of American eSports fans work full time and 44% of them are parents. And if you think gaming is a male-dominated space, think again.

However, even the number of viewers of various tournaments has seen a spike. The 2016 League of Legends final drew 43 million viewers. A staggering number compared to the audience for the Super Bowl and NBA finals.

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