The Press For Champagne button Distinguish Himself From Other

The owner of restaurant Bob Bob Ricard wanted to distinguish himself from other just-too-expensive restaurants in London. The Peak-End-Rule helped. He came up with a good positive peak experience with a button in the lead: the Press For Champagne Button.

Each table has a button that reads ‘Press for champagne’ . If you press the button, the service will bring you champagne within a few minutes. The restaurant now sells the most champagne of all restaurants in London and has become a ‘ reason-to-travel ‘. People come to this restaurant especially for this button. Hellooo extra sales!

Reason 4: sympathy

Another reason to build a button into your business is because it can contribute to the sympathy for your company. And that sympathy is an important influencing technique, Robert Cialdini

That curiosity goes far, as artist Marco Accounting Directors Email Lists Evaristti proved in 2000 in a museum in Denmark. In his exhibition he placed 10 blenders with goldfish in them. Fish in a blender: how far does our curiosity go?

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Most visitors stayed away from the blenders (just wondering what would happen. Until disaster struck and someone could no longer contain their curiosity. The button on one of the blenders was presse.

already let us know in  his book Influence (affiliate).

The Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles also proves that you can go a long way with sympathetic action. A hotel that is not head and shoulders above other hotels in terms of appearance and comfort. Still, the reviews are fantastic…

Free ice creams with the Popsicle Hotline

The staff has thought about so-called ‘ defining moments ‘. The Popsicle Hotline is one of those moments within the hotel.

There is a red telephone by the pool. When you pick up the handset, you will automatically call the Popsicle Hotline, asking which flavor you would like. A minute later, the white-gloved waiter brings you ice cream: on a silver tray. Free.

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