The personality and qualities of a good community manager

A community manager (CM) represents the company on the platforms where it is present. He is called upon to create content and deliver very good returns / results to the company. Like any other, this job requires a certain number of essential qualities to develop your business. Here are some qualities and personality traits that a good community manager is suppos to have. The community manager must be a good communicator! A community manager is the person who maintains direct links with Internet users, on behalf of his company. He therefore assumes the role of intermediary, but with the responsibility of the company on his shoulders. It is in this capacity that he must be a good communicator and not only operate on the content part between creation and sharing. The community manager must be a good communicator He must be able to animate a community and to do this, he must have a sense of contact both in writing and orally.

Be available for your community

Especially if he is brought to Bolivia Phone Number List meet his community to work on commitment and also because he represents the image of the company. Its publications must be correct and relevant in substance and form. He must have a good command of the French language. Before posting any publications, he must ensure that his spelling is impeccable. The image of the brand may depend on it, even if we know that there are always typos that come through. He must therefore take care to re-read his publications several times. The , and this requires a good analytical mind. Not all content needs to be shared when he’s not producing it.

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Ability to adapt to situations

He must be able to discern what is good to share and when it is good to interact or intervene. It is he who receives the reactions of Internet DT Leads users as well as their various questions. Not all reactions specifically need a response. You just have to know how to answer and what question to answer. To make a decision or intervene to resolve a dispute, a good community manager must first take a step back. Taking a step back will mean that he must first analyze the situation before intervening. Your decision must be objective and sometimes be subject to validation on sensitive subjects. It must not be complacent, nor be moved when it requires seriousness and professionalism. The community manager is a jack of all trades , hence the term net factotum, as some will sometimes call him. His job isn’t just about creating and sharing content on a company’s page. His work goes far beyond that.

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