The more ignorant people are, the more they like to be in others. Shows that he knows a lot.

I once wrote about some of the things I Sweden Phone Number encountered and some of the difficulties I faced in my first year of work, and then I reflected on it. I mentioned a few questions that I thought about, two of which are as follows:

  1. Why is the little friend who joined me back then, she and I were actually led by the same master, but the master was more willing to get close to her, more willing to guide her, and more willing to assign better projects to her, instead of treating me the same?
  2. Why are the same foreigners, but some people are very popular, and it is easy to make friends, but I have no friends? Also, why should I care so much about being popular?

The result of my reflection is this:

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because at that time I was very low self-esteem, ignorant, and low in emotional intelligence, so what I said was always not so flattering.

But in fact, this sentence can be said more specifically. The more specific meaning is that the more inferior people are, the more they want to find some sense of presence and love to express them.  so he likes to criticize everything, and he likes to give advice blindly.

For example: At that time, I sometimes had dinner with my colleagues, and everyone had a good meal, but I liked to comment: “Today’s meal is too bad, it’s not as good as the one I made myself.”

For example: my colleagues in the group

are all playing a game, someone wants to pull me to play, I will say: “I don’t think this game doesn’t feel like it’s fun.”

Another example: someone in the group has made a design draft, and they will send it to the group to give everyone some suggestions, but everyone will cheer up before making suggestions, such as: “Wow, you did a great job!” “The idea of ​​xx Very good” and so on, and then put forward some of your own views, the tone is very euphemistic and soft.

and I? I will directly say: “This is too simple to do” “I feel that it is not as good as the previous version.”

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