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Unlike many  household consumption, the degree of Internalization in the maternal and infant industry has been relatively high, and a suitable business model has been found. The essence of commodity consumption is the most valuable. The content is based on the principle of making products . Marketing defines “products as things that meet people’s needs”. If a piece of content  cannot meet people’s special and specific needs, it is redundant. In fact, many industries can learn from their mothers. Dubai Phone Number The baby platform is similar to Baby Tree, which belongs to the industry’s “knowledge encyclopedia”, which  standardizes the purchase experience of buyers and the problems encountered. Similar to “real estate encyclopedia”, “decoration encyclopedia” and other market contents are relatively scattered, but the

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for the community, but you can’t give up being a community . The more users enter the community, the clearer the user attributes will be. It can accumulate more data for the platform to analyze. Only by accumulating existing users can an app be valuable. The new users who come are lost, and the platform doesn’t know anything about users. It is difficult to really do Big; otherwise, it is difficult Dubai Phone Number for a clever woman to cook without rice, and it is useless without your own user data consume on the platform, the lower the decision-making trust cost. On the contrary, it must be the PGC content produced by KOLs (opinion leaders) to drive the UGC content of ordinary users, and even some maternal and child platforms such as Babette

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to mother celebrities and doctors. This reduces traffic costs. The author foresees that in 2018, the self-media model  in the professional fields of real estate, automobiles, and travel will become one of the new business foundations. E-commerce transactions rely on trust in Dubai Phone Number nature. Taobao and have been working on content and communities for a long time, but they are not as obvious as the mother and baby industry. For mothers and infants, it is only by slowly creating content to have quick transactions. In the end, they just want to convert and find traffic, but ultimately they are not based on user needs. Consumption platforms that focus on content and community operations will not only be users in the future. The traffic pool will truly become a barrier to competition.

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