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Think of the content you create as a conversation with the reader. Let your (brand) personality shine through and Algeria WhatsApp Number List make your content fun to read. For example, if you write about things to consider when buying a bathroom, you can list them. It is much more fun if you supplement it with anecdotes. It is important that you have the correct measurements of your bathroom ready or that you are open to measuring help from our experts.

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For example, last year a customer came into the store who was convinced that he had measured his bathroom correctly. During our conversation, he started to doubt more and more. That’s not bad at all, that’s why Algeria WhatsApp Number List we created our measurement service, but he insisted that we could just order his new bubble bath. We ended up not even getting the tub through the bathroom door. This customer still washes away his disappointment every day under his copper shower head. You get it.

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Offer your content in multiple forms A lot has changed during the pandemic. We have started living differently. For example, we change location more often and we are no longer at home or at the office as Algeria WhatsApp Number List standard. This is one of the reasons why the way we consume content has changed. Keep this in mind in your content creation. A blog can also let you record so your readers can listen on the go. And you can also turn a podcast into a written blog.

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