The marketing levers to master in B2B community management

Community management in B2B is generally a very different universe from that practiced in B2C. The community manager is also more mature there and there are more senior profiles in business to business. Let’s discover the essential marketing levers in the B2B field. B2B community management The B2B community manager will not necessarily work on the same actions as in B2C, and the tools used will be more related to digital marketing. B2B is a universe where performance is constantly sought through the actions carried out. It’s often about generating leads and being able to drive a prospect to the point of purchase. We are talking here about a conversion process that can sometimes extend over several months, or even years in some cases. The role of the community manager incommunity manager, even if the basic training remains the same.

Inbound marketing in B2B community management

In B2B, the community manager will Cyprus Phone Number List also have to train on digital marketing and specific tools. The latter can also be the subject of in-house training. B2B community management It is often a question of having a background in the field or fields sought, which explains why there are many senior CM profiles. Experience in the field is a real asset because it is necessary to know your target well in specific sectors and therefore the universe by extension. If we talk about very technical fields, the medical sector, high-tech industries, etc. all require knowledge of their worlds. This is why the community managers sought mainly have proven experience in the sector, and it is preferable except for classic community management practice on image, visibility, etc. objectives. Let’s now look at the skills sought and the related missions.

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The 3 essential levers in B2B community management

Otherwise evokes digital marketing and DT Leads performance , these are actions to be carri out in order to create customer bases and generate prospects or leads in B2B jargon. Leads are generally scor on a scale of 1 to 10 (or differently) to determine the level of maturity and the timing in the act of purchase. In digital marketing, it is therefore necessary to know inbound marketing on the one hand and marketing automation solutions . Nurtering will also have to be master because it is here that the role of the B2B community manager will fit perfectly, and that it will be a question of communities. 1. Inbound marketing Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing, a lever to attract customers and Internet users to oneself. The goal is to bring them to its website through a conversion tunnel.

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