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Showing deals a few days in advance also makes you top-of-mind . By announcing Nigeria Phone Number the deals online as early as Monday, you also increase the sense of urgency. Interested customers don’t want to miss out. If you put the deals online from Thursday to Friday night at 00:00, there is a good chance that you Nigeria Phone Number will immediately see a large part of your orders come in. At that was almost a quarter Nigeria Phone Number of the orders on this very important retail day. Total traffic was twice as high during Black Friday.

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The public was eager to buy, because the Nigeria Phone Number conversion was no less than three times higher. This resulted in a turnover that was six times higher than during a normal weekend. 3. Stretch the offer By spreading the offer over a slightly longer period of time, you not only give the consumer longer Nigeria Phone Number reflection time. It also helps in another way. Friday is usually not the best selling day. By making Black Friday a three-day event, we made the Nigeria Phone Number most of the Black Friday momentum. This is also reflected in the figures.

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This way you give people the opportunity to think about Nigeria Phone Number the purchase for a while. Or in our case, to possibly take a test drive at a shop nearby. Black Friday crowds 4. Surprising: use gifs Another interesting learning is about the looks of your webs hop. In various campaigns we notice that the use of moving Nigeria Phone Number images, such as GIFs , works better to get people to your landing page than static images. At Black Friday Nigeria Phone Number we took advantage of this this year during the pre-announcement that was already on the site from Monday to Thursday. 5.

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