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It is now almost daily. Netherlands The situation in the Armenia WhatsApp Number List Netherlands. Is very different from that in the US. That turnaround in 2001, which required no fewer than 251 (!) amendments to the law. Was beautiful and necessary – and I took advantage of it – but we soon returned to business as usual. Okay, a stream of lavish weddings started, after all it was Armenia WhatsApp Number List a catching up process of mainly older couples. And there was enough money to give the wedding market a considerable boost. However, the Netherlands has been tolerant and open since time immemorial.

Communities Are Places

Think of the Huguenots, Portuguese Jews and all kinds of other Armenia WhatsApp Number List immigration flows that have ensured that Amsterdam is the city ‘with the most nationalities in the world’. From city marketers to politicians, everyone is talking about Armenia WhatsApp Number List the city’s ‘180 nationalities’. In any case, it indicates that we are diverse, and that seems to fit well in our society. Also read: Marketing the Rainbow: the rules of audience segmentation The expression “just act normal then you act crazy enough” is wonderfully applicable to much of our marketing and communication.

Where People

Armenia WhatsApp Number List

You see more ‘casual’ than ‘explicit’. Where abroad they Armenia WhatsApp Number List clearly work with ticking as many boxes as possible on the diversity list (just look at this McCain commercial), we are quite sober here. Gender is still used functionally in the Netherlands, but all other forms Armenia WhatsApp Number List of diversity come to us more or less casually. And when it comes to Marketing the Rainbow and representation, I mainly look here at the visibility of people. Not sticking rainbows on a product, the front door of the headquarters or Instagram. That is in fact quite easy, usually temporary and then forgotten again: it often leans against pinkwashing .

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