The Brand board in community management for your visuals

The creation of visuals is one of the main tasks of a community manager . However, sometimes we are not inspir. As a result, we create visuals by feeling without thinking about. The visual identity of the brand and/or the company we represent on social networks. Therefore, would you like to maintain consistency in the creation of your visuals? Let yourself be guid through the use of a Brand board and let’s discover it. The Brand board is a tool generally us by graphic designers to maintain harmony on the visual identity of a brand. It is represent by an A4 document that brings together the entire graphic universe of a company in an innovative, brief and complete way in the blink of an eye. “The brand board is a very synthetic version color, etc.) to always have the optimal rendering.

Presentation of a brand board

The brand board is easier to use on a Egypt Phone Number List daily basis since it allows you to summarize your entire visual identity on one page. (source: Purple Banana ) In other words, here are the elements you will discover on a Brand board: A logo with its variations This is the first element that you absolutely must find on your Brand board. If you’re managing a new brand, you might only have one or two versions of your logo (black and white). But over time, you may have several variations, in a version with initials or in a simplifiversion, for example. A color palette It will serve as a guide in creating your visuals on social networks, especially in photo backgrounds on Instagram. This is in order to harmonize your fe so that it is more pleasant to visualize. Typography These are the text styles that you use on your different media.

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Visual models on your social networks

Ideally, you will need 3 types of typography to give relief to your visuals. The icons These are details that should not be overlooked because they will DT Leads give you a touch of consistency to your visual identity. This could be icons of your other social networks found at the bottom of your Facebook visual. Your old creations can also serve as a basis for your next creations. So you won’t go looking for noon at two o’clock and waste time in the design. Illustrations or photos If you use these on other communication media, add some samples to your Brand board. What is the Brand board for the community manager? The Brand board is a source of inspiration for the community manager because it will allow you to follow the right framework when creating your visuals.

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