The affluence of luxury brands to WeChat

Not so long ago, Chinese people would need to visit a chic and elegant mall for luxury shopping. This quickly evolved into premium digital platforms, which aren’t just the obvious options for e-commerce platforms or branded websites. You can now sell a handbag for 10,000 Euros and more. This trend reflects the huge potential for WeChat as a suitable application for transactions and services. WeChat is finally becoming what it was meant to be for luxury brands, it’s not just a social media app. “One function could be for customers to buy the product. Another could be for brands to build a loyalty program. Customers can pre-order a product or schedule an appointment with the store.” Dior Paris.jpg 60% of luxury fashion brands we surveyed have an official. WeChat account, up from just 36% in 2018. Like Facebook, WeChat allows companies to set up their online stores.

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Unlike Alibaba, WeChat is not a Spain Phone Number List marketplace and does not have a central search engine that lists all merchants selling on its platform. A WeChat storefront is therefore more comparable to an e-commerce site; it’s online, but it needs a lot of marketing before consumers find it. It is possible that people discover Wechat stores by scanning a QR code at a physical point of sale. Loyalty Despite the difficulties encountered in generating traffic, WeChat storefronts are very attractive for a wide range of loyalties. Many of these service-oriented features are powered by so-called “mini-programs”, which are basically simplified versions of native apps that run inside an app like WeChat. As a report (Gartner L2) indicates, the rise in. WeChat store adoption is linked to the increased use of mini-programs by luxury brands. In total, 69% of the luxury brands in the sample have at least one mini program.

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Payment AlipayWeChat is becoming the most attractive option for brands who want to think about CRM, e-commerce strategies or just DT Leads other value-added services without having to rely on external partners”. Referring to Alibaba, JD and others which are traditionally the most popular for digital sales. Although WeChat imposes certain rules on sellers, it has built a reputation of being more laissez-faire compared to conventional e-commerce businesses. For starters, WeChat does not (yet) take commissions on e-commerce transactions, unlike online marketplaces. Tencent’s business model isn’t really about making money from mini program transactions. On the other hand, WeChat Pay , the electronic wallet of WeChat.

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